1. Pay After Visa Service (PAVS) is a trade name of Jaswin Integrated Services Limited ,registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC.1283248.
  2. The  professional/service fee charged by a visa agent is to assist the applicant get a pre-specified  visa  service only.
  3. A non-refundable administration fee of N20,000 will be paid to PAVS before any transaction will commence .For services with cost less than N20,000, a discounted admin fee will be negotiated and paid accordingly.
  4. Cost of Flight fare, personal documents (e.g Int.Passport, Birth certificates) accommodation, airport pickups etc.,except otherwise stated are not included in the professional fee charged by PAVS or any visa agent.
  5. PAY AFTER VISA SERVICE(PAVS) encompasses all visa services eg Flight ticketing, travel Insurance procurement, Hotel Booking, School Admission etc.
  6. The visa application & biometric fees ,except otherwise stated are not included in any agent’s or PAVS professional fee.
  7. All Pay After Visa Service (PAVS) documents remain the property of PAVS before, during and after visa processing.
  8. For every successful transaction ,PAVS will be entitled to 10% of agreed service cost. In the rare case of an unsuccessful transaction, PAVS will not be entitled to any funds.
  9. Personal documents such as passport, passport photos, medical certificates, Police Clearance Certificates, birth, school and marriage certificates, if requested and collected, will be returned to the applicant after the visa service or processing is completed.
  10. Every inquiry on our services or any related travel services that exceeds 2mins of discussion (electronic or personal) will attract PAVS consultation fee of N20,000 before continuation of professional discussion/correspondence.
  11. Every potential visa applicant is treated uniquely and with the highest form of confidentiality. PAVS officials and other visa agents found to be negligent with PAVS confidentiality policy will be judiciously sanctioned.
  12. PAVS support NAPTIP mission in all entirety and will NEVER be involved in Human Trafficking of any form or under any disguise. All contraveners of NAPTIP policies will be reported to relevant authorities accordingly and promptly.
  13. PAVS have the right to choose any strategy ,not limited to the Law Enforcement Agency to ensure payment of  complete professional fees after the visa application is approved.
  14. PAVS states emphatically  that the final decision on all visa applications rests with the embassies, High Commissions or any  relevant government department responsible for issuing visas.
  15. Be amply informed that the listed conditions above are inexhaustive and only summarised for easy & quick comprehension of the visa transaction basics.
  16. CAUTION :  Kindly preview meticulously(with your lawyer, if necessary) the comprehensive agreement to be provided by PAVS before attestation.
  17. COPYRIGHT:  All content on this website and that paraphrased or duplicated in other platforms are the exclusive property of Pay After Visa Service (PAVS) and are strictly protected by both local & international copyright laws. Any unauthorised use is considered a criminal offence and the law will take its course.