How it works

The basic process of how this service works is enumerated below:

1. The visa applicant searches for a visa agent either from our site or externally

2. The applicant get the details of the chosen visa agent ;Name, Phone no., PAVS No.(if from us),Address etc

3. The applicant contact us;Pay After Visa Service(PAVS) to discuss the terms you reached with the visa agent.

4. The applicant pays PAVS non-refundable registration/retainer fee of N20,000.

5. All parties ( PAVS agent, Visa agent and You) reviews and signs PAVS standard agreement taking special note of the terms guiding the agreed  service cost( hereafter described as the escrow amount)

6. The visa applicant raises a Bank draft of agreed service cost( described now as escrowed amount) in favour of the Visa agent and is kept in PAVS safe custody OR all parties opens an express joint account with all parties or their representatives as signatories.

7. The signed agreement is only effective from the date the service cost is escrowed.

8. When the visa comes out before the expiration date on the agreement, all parties meet or communicate via conference phonecall and the funds are released AFTER the visa is verified and the relevant travel documents are given to the visa applicant.

9. If the visa doesn’t come out before the expiration date on the signed agreement ,all parties will either meet or communicate via a conference call on either to terminate the agreement OR to allow a further specified period which must be attested to as an addendum .

10. For a successful visa outcome, the escrowed fund is remitted to the visa agent and the management of PAVS will receive a mediator’s fee of 10% of the total service fee  from the visa applicant .

11. For an unsuccessful visa outcome, both PAVS and the Visa agent receives zero naira and the escrowed funds are returned fully to the visa applicant.

12. Other visa application options will be suggested to the visa applicant and is his/her discretion to opt in or opt out of the suggested options.

13. We entirely trust in God’s grace to make every visa application successful and as a management, PAVS reserves the right not to mediate or supervise any transaction that have red flags or is obscure in principle .

–table of countries and visa agents