About Us

Pay After  Visa Service (PAVS) is born out of several complaints by vulnerable Nigerians of so many terrible experiences encountered in getting a travel visa. .Moreso due to the high prevalence of visa procurement fraudsters, we have decided to come out with – PAY AFTER VISA SERVICE otherwise known as PAVS.

We are amply aware that the outcome of a visa application lies ultimately in the hands of the Visa Officers in our various Embassies and High Commissions but that should not be an excuse  for any visa agent to be negligent in giving due advisory & documentation service.

Pay After Visa is possible if a visa agent is really confident of his advisory and consultative abilities. We regret the terrible experiences of many sincere Nigerians that must have fallen into the hands of malicious fraudsters all in a bid to procure a Visa .

We have come to sanitize the Travel Industry in the following areas:

  1. Visit Visas
  2. Work Visas
  3. Family Relocation Visas
  4. Student Visas
  5. Flight Ticketing
  6. Other Related Services

Despite the presence of many swindlers in the country, we must abundantly state that there are still  Genuine and God-fearing Travel & Visa Agents .

In that light, we have scrutinized and selected honest and upright Travel Agents with various specializations to be on this platform. Irrespective of our selection process,we also insist vehemently that all visa related transactions take place with our supervision.

It is noteworthy to mention that we are strictly guided by the travel industry standards  and  we support NAPTIP(National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons) wholeheartedly  in the fight against Human Trafficking & Slavery of any form.